Climb Aboard the Mile High Club

April 15, 2008

“Any card-carrying member of the Mile High Club knows that sex is the tastiest in-flight meal served aboard any aircraft,” says one Mile High Club member. Travelling by plane can soon get tedious when you’re following the same procedure flight after flight – check in, find your seat, watch the movie, eat your peanuts, take a nap, arrive at your destination, thank the air hostess on the way out… it’s all rather boring when you think about it. However, a well timed kinky liaison can instantly turn a mundane flight into a mid air adventure. Here’s how to maximise your in-flight entertainment…


Aisle Seat Action

It’s all about strategy, if you want to pick up on an aeroplane you’re going to need to be able to move. Let’s face it; climbing over the two grumpy passengers next to you in order to chat to a hottie is not exactly smooth. The ailse seat also gives you the chance to view your potential prospects without anyone interrupting your game. If you’re planning on getting some alone time with someone then try to get a seat in an empty row towards the back of the plane – the extra privacy will give your more of a chance to score.


Buckle Up While Seated

The handjob is one is easiest ways to have a satisfying journey, especially on a late night flight since most of the other passengers are asleep. The key to not getting caught is to have a blanket or jacket ready to hide any naughty action, this is also where tray tables can come in handy too. It’s also best to do each other one at a time so that the recipient can also play the part of the lookout while the other person goes to work.


Your own Private Cubical

Those tiny little rooms mean that you’ll have to become all creative when comes to choosing your best positions.

Doggy Style: This one is probably the easiest to do. Generally the female should stand facing the mirror with her right knee up on the sink. This provides the man with a little more space for maneuverability.

Seated: The male should sit down on the toilet seat with the female on his lap facing him or reverse cowgirl style. If you need a little more room, this one will be a tough maneuver to pull off because there’s not much space for your legs to go on either side. Tricky, but definitely achievable.


Of course, you’ll have to work quickly. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the moment and before you know it, there’s a line of grandmas standing outside the door cursing you.


Are you a member of the Mile High Club? What’s the kinkiest you’ve ever gotten aboard an aeroplane? Tell us all about it!





Top Ten Celebrity Sex Tapes

April 15, 2008

Another day another celebrity sex tape – it appears that the Hollywood stars of today are more famous for their homemade videos than their blockbusters – not that were complaining! Ever since Pammy and Tommy stripped off and shagged senseless on their honeymoon (while thoughtfully recording the sex session for the rest of us to enjoy), celebrity sex tapes have become so huge that we felt they deserved their own red carpet award ceremony. And so here you have it – RedHotPie’s Top Celebrity Sex Tapes.


10. Joanie ‘Chyna Doll’ Laurer and Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman in One Night in China

This is quite possibly the weirdest sexual display in the history of mankind. It’s quite a long ride too showcasing the former pro-wrestlers Chyna Dolls and X-Pac’s sporting stamina. Chyna looks like a crazed member of the Village People hyped up on drugs and X-Pacs ridiculous lace-up leather pants take forever to peal off. Very funny if not super randy.


9. Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly in Tonya and Jeff’s Wedding Night

Make sure you’re near a bathroom when you’re watching this because it’s one of those celebrity sex tapes that should never have been made let alone subjected to the general public. The most entertaining parts are the 80s outfits complete with tacky frou frou wedding dress and Jeff’s chunky ‘stache. It’s cheesy old school porn all the way with a sloppy blow job and a hilarious attempt at the 69 position… watch at your own risk!


8. Dustin Diamond and Two Unknown Hotties in Screeched
You remember Screech, he was the nerdy one in 90s teen sitcom Saved By the Bell. In this film, he shows us that he’s well and truly grown up by referring to himself as “The D-Man” before having a feisty threesome with a bride to be and her maid of honour. In a rather amusing twist, the two girls seem much more interested in each other than in Screech who gives a running commentary on technique and form. This may be one of those times where the mute button comes in handy.


7. Jenna Lewis and Travis Wolfe in Let’s Get Physical

Jenna Lewis may have become a celebrity when she won over audiences on Survivor but it was her sex tape made with husband Travis Lewis that truly won the public’s heart. She starts off on the bed while Travis goes down on her, eventually ending up in all sorts of sexual positions that demonstrate why she was so successful on the physically grueling reality TV show.


6. Kim Kardashian and Ray J in Kim Kardashian, Superstar

Kim Kardashian was little known outside gossip circles and as the gal pal of Paris Hilton until the launch of her pornographic home video that she had made with then-boyfriend, rapper Ray J (the brother of singer Brandy) was announced. Kim and Ray are both super hot which is why this video is extra sexy to watch, plus you get a good look at Kim’s famous behind which is almost more famous than she is.


5. Edison Chen and Every Asian Actress Out There in Someone Stole my Computer

This sex scandal rocked Hong Kong’s Hollywood especially because it involved over 20 super sexy actresses and only one very, very, very lucky actor. Super player Edison Chen had apparently bedded every Asian actress out there and his computer (which was stolen) had the 1,300 photos and videos to prove it. Reading like the roll call for a Honkywood red carpet special, the starlets implicated included Bobo Chan Man, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Gillian Chung, Gillian Chung Yun-Tung, Joey Yung, Yu Chiu, Vincy Yeung, Cecilia Cheung, Yumiko Cheng, Mandy Chen, BoBo Chen, Rachel Ngan, Candice Chan, Jolin Tsai, Maggie Q, and some say even Japanese star Chiaki Kuriyama… just to name a few…


4. Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain in Colin Bangs the Playmate

This tape gets straight to the point with no lusty strip tease or anything else to settle you in – it’s all sex baby! With the two sexiest celeb bodies you’re likely to see romping away with each other, this is one hot hot hot sex tape that is worthy of an Oscar. While Colin’s one liners are hilarious (complete with Irish accent), there are plenty of moves to leave you feeling randy, especially the scene with a little reverse cowgirl action.


3. Keeley Hazell and Lloyd Miller in Keeley’s Spanish Holiday Sex Tape

If Keeley Hazell’s naked body in the heat of action isn’t enough to make you want to watch this movie (what is wrong with you? Keeley’s so HOT!!), then her amazing blowjob expertise should be enough of a reason to press play. Sure there are probably too many shots of Lloyd’s behind in the footage but those extended glimpses of Keeley’s beautiful body are well worth it.


2. Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon in One Night in Paris

When you have no talent in anything and you’re a bored, rich, young, famous girl desperate for attention and fame, what do you do? You make a porn video. At least that’s what Paris Hilton and her then boyfriend Rick Salomon did. This celebrity sex tape was so notorious that it actually propelled Paris into an international star. But her sex scandals don’t end there. In 2007 Paris didn’t pay her storage bill and her personal belongings were then auctioned off including videos that were later leaked online showing her naked and romping with an ex boyfriend.


1. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in Pam and Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored

It was the home made movie that launched a thousand celebrity sex scandals – Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee frolicking in the sun and water while on honeymoon. It shows scenes of Pammy giving Tommy a blow job in a car, and before long, she masturbates whilst sitting on the top deck right before Tommy joins in on the action. The final scenes involve a close up of Tommy entering his new bride.  But Pammy’s list of home made videos doesn’t end there… in 2005 she has another sex tape circulating on the internet showcasing her sexual exploits with Poison singer Bret Michaels.

You’ve Slept Together – Now What?

March 31, 2008

The morning after you first sleep together leaves you with a lot more to contend with than bad morning breath, wondering where you left your knickers, or a hangover from hell. Exactly how long should you stick around for? Should you wake him or her up before you leave? And now that we’ve slept together what does it all mean? Make a smooth move from ‘oh yes’ to ‘see you next Friday’ by following these little pearls of advice. 

Make your Exit

Yes, it doesn’t sound as romantic as breakfast in bed followed by a lazy day together reading the papers but you’ve only just slept together so that means that there are still boundaries to keep in check. If you played your cards right then he or she slept at your place and you won’t have to search for your t-shirt under the bed or worst yet, take that walk of shame in last night’s funky get up. Tell him or her that you have early morning plans (think faux personal training session or brunch with your parents) and then high tail it out of there. 


‘Chilled and relaxed’ – this should be your mantra. If you are freaking out about whether or not she expects a full blown relationship now that you’ve bumped uglies then you’re better off freaking out when she’s not around. Same goes for the ladies – a simple ‘thanks, I had a great time last night,’ will suffice. Bring up the slather of ‘where is this all going?’ questions with your girlfriends once you’ve divulged all the dirty details; after all that’s what Saturday morning brunch is for.  

It’s Not Your Problem

You may think you’re acting all adorable by offering to make the bed or wash the wine glasses from last night but the truth is that it’s not your problem – and worse yet, he or she may want you out of there pronto. Making yourself at home while you ask where they keep the dishwashing liquid just extends that awkward moment much longer than necessary.    

Say Goodbye

Leaving without saying goodbye is just rude and poor form – even if you don’t want to pursue anything after you’ve slept together, you still don’t want to be remembered as that pig he or she once dated. Trust me, word gets around and if you want any action from someone he or she knows you’re best off leaving with your reputation in tact. If you’re really feeling uncomfortable at least leave a note – it’s lame but better than no goodbye at all. 

Modern Moves

March 31, 2008

You like someone, that someone likes you. Sounds simple enough right? But what happens next? In this day and age where more and more people are concerned about getting their egos quashed and bruised to the point that they won’t make the first move it’s no wonder so many of us continue to subscribe to singlehood. And it seems that we’re as picky as ever when it comes to the dating game. In a recent Yes Dating Poll only 25% of people said they make the first move when seeking a potential partner – how are we ever suppose to get to first base if we can’t even take a swing?


Unless you’re James Bond (if you are, please send me your phone number) then you have probably stumbled over this block before. Suavely walking your way over to a super hot girl or guy at the bar without the fear of having a drink thrown in your face is not the rigour de jour nor is confidently asking the person you’ve had a crush on for over year if they want to catch a movie with you. Sometimes the very thought of putting yourself out there can send more shivers down your spine than the latest Britney Spears sex tape.


It’s even rumoured that Paris Hilton follows the rule of avoiding the first move. She allegedly never asks a man for their phone number because she believes that if they are really interested then they will approach her. But for the rest of us who don’t have millions of dollars tucked away and our own reality TV show, this plan of no attack will usually leave us all alone on the weekend rather than on page five of the latest gossip rag. The only way to get a date, it seems, is to mercilessly go out there with our hearts beating away on our sleeves.


The good news is that thanks to wonderful inventions like the internet and mobile phones modern daters are now able to create a soft wall of cyberspace protection around our very vulnerable egos. Imogen Lloyd Webber, author of the Single Girl’s Guide, offers this gem of advice once you’ve struck up a conversation with the cutie in question. “If digits are still not looking close to being exchanged, steer the talk round to MySpace to see if he [or she] has a page and say you should both connect as friends, or mention an amusing email forward he [or she] just has to see, and then give him [or her] your card.”  


The next step is the most thrilling part of the dating game and because you are now conducting your moves with the help of electronics at a comfortable distance, you can make that move that you would never dare to make face to face. This is kind of like those situations in early high school where you would get your friend to tell their friend that you like him/her. Except nowadays your friends are emails and text messages.


Webber recommends keeping emails to work hours and text messages to after hours. “I try not to day text Monday to Friday. There is always email, which is less invasive and permissible during work hours and if [a person] is in full professional flow [they] will not take too kindly to being interrupted,” she explains. “If you must day text, do not expect an immediate response.” Keep your messages light and fun but don’t go too casual; “Kisses in texts, as in emails, are a minefield. If in doubt, put a smiley face instead of a kiss. Or just leave it,” advises Webber. Once you’ve developed a witty banter between the two of you, all you have left to do is suggest that you catch up for a drink.


Of course, while technology can make the dating jungle so much easier to navigate through, it also has its fair share of pitfalls and there are many landmines you want to try to avoid. Just because you have your current crush’s phone number doesn’t mean you should be drunk dialing them at 2am in the morning with phone in one hand and martini in the other. If you are ever tempted to do so, hand your phone over to a trusty friend, instructing them not to give it back until you are well and truly sober.

 Nor should you allow the comfortable distance created by cyberspace to act as your security blanket to the point where you aren’t willing to take your romantic liaisons beyond your email inbox. This sort of behaviour only encourages a pen pal relationship and let’s face it, if you are over the age of 12 you are probably looking for something a little hotter than that.  If used wisely (yes, that means put down that cocktail) a single person’s cyberspace is perhaps the best thing to come out of the modern world (how else could you access the joys of this article?) so use it to your advantage and hopefully you’ll be sharing your phone number and email address with a hottie in no time.

Top Ten Sexy Movie Moments

March 31, 2008

Online dating website RedHotPie has rated the sexiest of the sexy, the raunchiest of the raunchy, and the naughtiest of the naughty in movies to produce it’s Top Ten Sexy Movie Moments. So which raunchy sex scenes are sure to get you off? And which hot cinematic moment made it to number one?  10. Out of SightWith hotties such as Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney, you know there’s bound to be something sexy going on. Things get really steamy when the red hot chemistry between Lopez and Clooney shoots of the screen in the first sex scene that takes place in the boot of a car while the two are fully clothed. It brings new meaning to the phrase; ‘the most fun you can have with your clothes on’.

9. Cruel Intentions
Hollywood’s teen remake of Dangerous Liaisons is full of sexual tension and lusty naughtiness. The real show stopper was when former vampire slayer teaches a young Selma Blair how to kiss. The girl on girl action was enough to make any teenage boy squirt his shorts.
 8.Cool Hand LukePaul Newman plays a convict who refuses to be broken by the system. When the prison’s chain gang are outside toiling the earth in the heat of the day, they watch lustily as a busty girl washes her car and plays with the hose and foam. Copied hundreds of time since, this is sexy moment that has lasted the true test of time.

7. Women in LoveThis movie was praised for the cinematic first of a nude male wrestling scene between actors Alan Bates and Oliver Reed. Good old fashion heat and tension was enough to get everyone feeling a little frisky. 6. Fatal AttractionFamous for it’s psychotic leading lady, Fatal Attraction is also full of rampant and abandoned sex. Michael Douglas is the married man looking for action, Glenn Close is the blonde whose charms he cannot resist. In one raunchy scene they have wild sex in a goods lift with both actors turning in fantastically passionate performances.  5. Boogie NightsA movie about the porn industry must earn its stripes by offering something super sexy and Boogie Nights certainly delivers. Filled with lusty explicit sex scenes, our vote for sexiest moment goes to scene where Wahlberg and Julianne Moore have sex on camera as porn stars for the first time.  4. Wild Things
It’s tacky and trashy but like any naughty little indulgence, oh so good. With so many hot moments to choose from it’s hard to pick just one that makes it onto number four on our count down – we’d have to say that it’s a tie between the moment when super babes Neve Campbell and Denise Richards get it on, and the scene where the pair are joined by Matt Dilllon (who plays their teacher) in a threesome. We may have to watch it again to make a final decision.
 3. Tipping the Velvet
This TV adaptation of Sarah Walters’ novel was so sexy that it is quite possibly the most controversial BBC primetime production ever screened. From its title, a Victorian euphemism for cunnilingus, to our favourite scene, when Nan is pleasured by her dominatrix lover using a leather dildo, it was extraordinarily raunchy and threw the tabloid press into a frenzy for weeks.
 2. From Dusk Till Dawn
Fans of the erotic are entertained by one stand out scene of pure, unadulterated sexy showmanship when Latino sex bomb Salma Hayek  performs a fantastically erotic dance, half naked and accompanied by a huge snake in front of a leering audience.
 1. EmmanuelleThe sexy moments in this 1970s soft core classic are almost too numerous to mention and that’s why we’ve awarded this movie number one. The best scene is probably (so hard to choose just one!) when Emmanuelle and his young lover masturbate over a picture of Paul Newman bringing each other to a climatic performance worthy of an Oscar. 

Naughty Getaway: Holiday Fun Never Felt So Good!

March 31, 2008

You’ve spent the best part of the year slaving away and now it’s time for a bit of rest and relaxation – or should that be sex and rejuvenation? When 55% of you told RedHotPie that all you wanted for Christmas was a naughty weekend away, we couldn’t help but agree that a holiday spent exploring the sites is so much more fun when you’re also exploring each other. Here’s Red Hot Pie’s pick of the best of the best.


Koh Phangan, Thailand: If you’re after a secluded beach for a little romp in the ocean or you just fancy a quick holiday fling, then this is the destination for you. The exotic South East Asian island not only has 30 beaches but because there is so much space for tourists to explore, finding a little nook of sand with no one around is as easy as whipping off a string bikini.


Las Vegas, United States: America’s adult Disney Land is a hot bed of raunchiness just waiting to be taken advantage off – it isn’t known as Sin City for nothing. Indulge your fantasies, catch a strip show or visit a swingers club; whatever your itch, Las Vegas will know how to well and truly scratch it. And the entertainment doesn’t just happen outside of your hotel room. If you book a Playpen on The Palms’ 28th floor, you’ll be able to put your best dance moves to good use; the room is set up like a pole dancing club complete with disco lights, sound system and mirrored ceiling… right next to the king sized bed of course.


Caribbean Cruising: Definitely more direct than meeting a stranger at a bar, a singles cruise throws the whole ‘are they available’ question overboard. While you’re polishing the decks with the hotties on board, you also get the chance to visit stunning destinations. Most organisers have ongoing events night after night, ensuring all cruising playmates are kept socially fulfilled with the opportunity to mingle with 200 to 400 singles – it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel! 


Paris, France: While many assume that this city is more romantic than naughty, don’t be fooled – Paris definitely has a naughty little mistress in her, you just need to know where to look. Montmartre has had a long history as Paris’s epicenter for the more risqué. There are plenty of dirty diversions to excite tourists such as sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs and cabarets including the world famous Moulin Rouge.

Fraser Island, Australia: One of Queensland’s holiday hot spots, Fraser Island was recently listed as the world’s fifth sexiest island by a US business magazine. Why? The isolation of an island can inspire one to lose their inhibitions, and their clothes. Plus there are plenty of quiet spots on the island with the sand dunes providing plenty of space and privacy for all sorts of naughty little adventures.   


Ibiza, Spain: The Spaniards have a passion for living and no more so can this passion be found than on the party island of Ibiza. Hedonistic ambitions will be fulfilled with the eclectic mix of multinational sun seekers all looking for a good time. The clubs are famous for entertaining like no other while being filled with some of the world’s most beautiful people. Check out the foam parties at Amnesia where your fantasy of having sex in a nightclub can be subtlety achieved or just chill out by the beach to perve on the  thousands of bronzed beach gods and goddesses flock to take advantage of perfect sun bathing weather.


Brighton, England: I know; Brighton isn’t exactly known the world over for its sexiness but before you right off this city too soon, take a look at what’s on offer in terms of accommodation, particularly the Hotel Pelirocco. Voted as “The World’s Best Hotel for a Dirty Weekend”, this saucy little house of love cannot be matched on the sexy meter. If you’re looking for more, you can always order a battery operated device from the room service list, and just to prove how hospitable they actually are, batteries are also included – now that’s service!


Naked and Loving It

March 28, 2008

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a cool breeze on your nether regions – and it’s the message that nudists have been exposing to the public all along. Nudism is all about getting in touch with nature and expressing yourself through social nudity. It’s not necessarily about eroticism or sexuality but more about enjoying life an au natural way.

The roots of this lifestyle hail all the way back to the late 1700s and it’s still thriving all over the world today. In Australia the first known nudist clubs date way back to the 1920s but it was after World War II when nudism became a more acceptable recreational lifestyle. Perhaps due to the incredible Australian weather, the most popular place to shed unwanted clothing appears to be the beach with 31.67% of RedHotPie users voting it as the naughtiest place they have been nude.

Getting naked in public has become even more popular in recent years and these days there are all sorts of facilities and events where you can flaunt your natural self with everything from public swimming pools to holiday resorts. In fact, if you’re in Germany and you really want to get your holiday started early then travel agency are offering the first nudist flights from eastern German town of Erfurt to the popular Baltic Sea Resort of Usedom. The 55 passengers will have to board fully clothed but as soon as the doors close it’s pants off and engines away.

If you want something closer to home then check out one of the many nude beaches in Australia. For those choosing to swap their swimming trunks for their birthday suit try;

Alexandria Bay, QLD:  Although it’s still an unofficial nude beach, Alexandria Bay is by far Queensland most popular clothing free beach and has been used for nude swimming and sunbathing for many years. Located on the eastern side of the Noosa Heads National Park, most days provide a busy a sea of naked bodies wanting to soak up the glorious Australian sun.

Lady Bay, NSW: Perhaps one of Australia’s oldest and most publicised nude beaches, Lady Bay was granted legal status as a nudist beach in 1976. It’s beautiful rocky surrounds make it perfect for a bit of relaxation and privacy.  Pelican Point Beach, SA: Not just a clothing optional bathing area, Pelican Point also allows camping which means you can turn a day at the beach into a whole weekend. If you like lazing in the sun canoeing, sailing, water skiing, or just getting away from life’s hassles, all without clothes of course, then Pelican Point is for you. There’s plenty of shade and a sheltered, sandy beach with safe swimming but you will have to rough it a little as there are no facilities provided at all. Nth Swanbourne Beach, WA: This is one of Australia’s most popular nude beaches and many RHP members get on down there to enjoy the sunny surrounds. It’s very close to the Perth CBD making it convenient for everyone to enjoy. If you are planning to go to North Swanbourne it is a good idea to get out there early, it can get a little windy after 11am.

With so many opportunities to get your kit off it’s surprising that so many of us are walking around clothed all the time. So get nude, get back to nature, and enjoy the freedom of being buck naked – clothes are way too restricting anyway.



March 25, 2008

Madonna was spotted buying one in London a few weeks ago and Britney Spears apparently has a whole room of them… sex toys are the latest Hollywood salacious craze but it seems that RedHotPie members are one step ahead of the celeb world. A whopping 42% of members surveyed said they prefer sex toys as a gift for Valentine’s Day. So we here at RHP have been checking out the best on offer (purely in the name of research of course) and with the help of gorgeous RHP members like yourself, we bring this guide of the best of the best.

Whips, Blindfolds, Handcuffs and More…
“Nothing goes past the good old handcuffs,” said one sexy RHP member and it seemed that many agreed with a bunch of them commenting that they love a little bondage and more. “I do love the leather cuffs (wrist and ankle) with chains, the double ended dildo, the nipple clamps (not used on the nippies) and hey the list goes on…” said one forum post, while another cheekily added “I make the most of my play time by playing and my favourite toy(s) would be whip, blindfold and cuffs, hehehehe whether me wielding them or receiving them…well I’ll let you guess.”
Try: The Fantasy Domination Kit

The Rabbit
This one was hugely popular with the women of RHP and many agreed that every woman should get her hands wrapped firmly around one. “I think at a bare minimum every girl should own a Rabbit,” said one female, while another enthused “[I] have to say my man is my all time fav… But for a daily dose the ivibe Rabbit always hits the spot when all alone.” These babies have come a long way since they were featured on Sex and The City and you can now get the waterproof version with three different speeds or rotation and vibration.
Try: The Waterproof Jack Rabbit

These delicious delights promise to hit the mark every time and their sexy accuracy has proved very popular! “You cannot beat a little ‘silver bullet’ toy that we call MR Buzzy,” said one RHP member, and if you can’t find one when you’re in the heat of the moment, this member recommends finding a creative alternative; “The next best thing of course is an electric toothbrush. No nasty tartar buildup on the old clitty.”
Try: The Ammunition of Love

Remote Controlled Goodies
For a little bit of fun for everyone, a very sexy RHP member recommends getting your hands (and more) on remote control gadgets. “Can’t go past the remote control one. For fun, wear it out to parties, restaurants, or maybe dinner with your in-laws hehehe,” she says. “And give your partner the control. The person with the control can send sweet vibrations at a touch of a button for as long or as many times as they want. Guaranteed to keep a smile on your face through the most boring event, so perhaps the next long wedding ceremony you’re invited to, seminar, etc. Heaps of fun! Be warned …don’t set it off when someone is carrying a stack of dishes!”
Try: The Ultra 10 Remote Control Bullet

Vibrating Gloves
Anything that vibrates is a winner when it comes to delighting the senses. “I love the Vibrating Glove; it is fantastic, the whole glove vibrates and it gets me going every time… mmm. I saw them at Sexpo and have a few male friends from here who have them and know how to use them,” says a sexy female RHP member. Another added; “I have a little finger vibe that slides over your finger. Used as you would normally use your finger. Small and quiet. I actually take it to work sometimes and use it under my desk.” And it’s not just the bedroom where these toys come in handy. “My other favourite toy is my Rubber Duck, it was given to me for my Birthday. He looks like an everyday Rubber Duck but is an actual Vibrator. His beak and tail are great for clitoral stimulation, he is my little travel companion.”
Try: I Rub My Duckie

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism: Have You Seen It All?

March 25, 2008

Remember the first time you saw someone else in the nude and were turned on by it? That rush of excitement, the feeling of having stumbled upon something fun and naughty all at once, was enough to have you wanting more.  The excitement of catching someone or being caught by someone in a saucy situation can get your blood pumping to hot new levels so much so that there are heaps of sexual adventurers out there who have created a lifestyle from it. We all have a sexy performer lurking inside of us and it’s time to get this show on the road with our guide to Voyeurism and Exhibitionism.  Whether it’s a quick flash of your breasts, rubbing chocolate sauce on your body while on webcam, or video taping a lusty romp with a hottie – we have a little exhibitionism within us waiting to be exposed to the world.   

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all?

So simple yet so arousing, placing a mirror above, beside, or at either end of the bed can heighten your sexual jaunt in a sultry second. Better yet, you get the best of both worlds as you get a thrill out of watching and being watched.  Catch each other outWatching each other masturbate may be a regular stint on your sexual repertoire and if not then we strongly suggest it’s the first thing that you do as soon as you switch off your computer. You may even want to mix things up a little by pretending not to know that anyone is watching you. Strike a poseAnother day, another celebrity sex tape being leaked to the media – certainly the best trend that Paris Hilton ever set off, if it’s not teen hottie Vanessa Hudgens’ nude pics ending up the internet then it’s saucy Lindsay Lohan taking it all off for a magazine. But why should the celebs be the only one’s having so much fun? This is one Hollywood bandwagon you want to jump on it’s as simple as getting your hands on a camera or video recorder and then letting your imagination run wild. Making more than sandcastles…There are some people who enjoy nude beaches because they like the freedom of not wearing clothes, and then there are others who like nude beaches because there are just so many good things you can do when you don’t have tricky zips and buttons to navigate through. If you like to show of your bits then a nude beach is a great place to start because it’s a welcome place to get your kit off without any judgment – but if you’re really daring, there are many things you can get up to under the cover of the ocean – while all those people may or may not notice from the beach shores…which brings me to my next point… Location, location, locationIt’s not just the real estate market that touts this as an important point to keep in mind. If you have sex in the right location you could increase your chances of getting caught, or of having a stranger set up camp and watch as you enjoy each other’s company. Anywhere that increases you chances of getting caught will give you more than just an adrenalin rush. Show off your good bitsYou don’t want to give anyone a heart attack (or worse yet end up in goal) so we don’t recommend flashing your favourite body parts to complete strangers, but keep in mind that a little leg and a little cleavage can go a long way for some blokes. Take things up a notch by playing flasher with your partner and maybe reveal a nipple, lift a skirt, or unzip those pants – it’ll only take a second but the thrill will last long after that.  Dogging on youIt’s a craze that’s sweeping the globe. Dogging is a term used for having sex in a public place (usually in a car) and encouraging others to watch. You’re guaranteed an exhilarating experience heightened by the idea of watching, being watched or even being caught out. With nifty inventions such as the internet and text messaging, these events have become highly organised, with many being invited to watch or be watched.  

There’s a party in my pants…

If you like to watch or be watched then a swingers’ party may just be what you’re after. With plenty of playrooms you can mix things up with other couples, watch as people enjoy each other and even join in yourself if the mood takes you. The perfect place for an exhibitionist to flaunt their goods! 

Webcam is a god

RedHotPie’s webcams are sizzling hot – with someone getting naughty for all to see it’s a great place to take a sneaky peak at some of the sexiest members as they show you what they’ve got. And if you like to put on a show yourself you can jump right in there with an audience just waiting to see you at your naughtiest. Many RHP members swear by webcam as they say it gives them the chance to be an exhibitionist in the safety and comfort of their own home – give it a try – we know you’ll be a star of RHP in no time!

Fetish: For Your Pleasure

March 25, 2008

Maybe it’s the smell of leather, the feelings of chains against your skin or the look of a hot hard stomach with a sprinkling of sweat – there are so many fetishes out there that get you in the mood for some lovin’ that it can be hard to pick just one to indulge in. But the best news is that with more and more people putting their love of everything from latex to balloons out in the open the opportunity to indulge is yours for the taking!

While some think that fetishes are sexual obsessions the truth is that these days a fetish is anything that heightens your sexual experience – even more than usual. It could be getting gagged and bound or having your naughty little romp video taped, it could be dressing up in leather or having sex with a complete stranger… even your love of women in heels could be painted with the ultra sexy fetish brush.

 Feet and Toes FetishMaybe Madonna had it right when she said; “Shoes are better than sex because they last longer,” but according to the largest global study of sexual kinks ever under taken, there are a lot of men and women who don’t have a problem combining the two. This fetish was voted one of the world’s most favourite with thousands touting their love of foot jobs and toe sucking proving that putting your foot down can create new sexual delights… which leads us to the next fetish on our list… Trampling FetishIf you’ve ever had someone walk on you during sex then you’ve been trampled on and if you haven’t tried it then give it a go – it’s exhilarating for those who get off on domination. The woman wears high heels while she walks over the man’s chest, throat, stomach, and crotch. Funny thing is that the man will barley move even when the woman is standing on his crotch with spiked heels. The men love the idea of being under a woman’s heel and the woman loves being on top. It’s a win-win situation where everyone gets off! Domination FetishSpeaking of domination… this fetish is all about submission – there’s something about having power and being overpowered that sends tingles to all the right places. This fetish has become so popular that it can’t really be classed as underground anymore with more and more clubs organising special domination nights. Using props like whips, chains, handcuffs and gags, domination lovers get a thrill out of being the dominant one or losing control by being controlled.  Latex and Leather Fetish

Seeing a hot body adorned in tight leather or latex could quite possibly be one of the sexiest sights and lucky for those who love this theme as it has an enormous underground culture. There are retail stores where you not only purchase anything and everything latex and leather related, you can also find out about latex parties where you will be surrounded by people dressed in leather and latex all night long.  

 Uniform FetishWho doesn’t go crazy for a man in uniform or a woman dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit? This is a very popular fetish for men and women alike and it really brings the fantasy and fetish world together for a truly naughty night. This fetish is fairly broad and can be taken to any degree you feel comfortable with. A female doctor who seduces her patient or a medieval knight who knows how to use his sword – the options are only limited by your cheeky imagination.  Messy Food Fetish

When the batteries run out on the vibrator what’s a girl to do? Well this fetish might offer some solutions as it involves doing all sorts of things with everything from bananas to jelly. Whether it’s playing with it, smearing it all over the body or having someone else lick it all off, the messy food fetish involves all sorts of bits and pieces you can find at your local grocery store. The tame at heart will probably stick to the chocolate body sauce which is just as delicious in more ways than one. 

Balloon Fetish

This one is a little unusual and so we just had to include it! This fetish involves being turned on by balloons; the smell, the noise, the excitement of not knowing when they are going to pop. People who enjoy this fetish are known as ‘looners’ and just hearing a hottie huffing and puffing on a balloon is enough to drive them over the edge.